Chris Fiegel Photography is both a business and online gallery that specializes in photography and design.

We strive to capture the moments of life and bring our clients’ visions to reality through multiple forms of art and design.

Chris Fiegel, founder and chief photographer of Chris Fiegel Photography, has always looked to seize the day and capture the moments of life that can often seem fleeting. He has worked to cultivate a diverse portfolio, which includes scenes of mountainous landscapes, portraits and headshots, and event photography, since he was first gifted a camera at 13 years old. Chris has professionally worked with several clients to achieve their vision through both photography and design projects.

“There is not one single shot that we can't use, and they all show such artistic creativity on Chris's part.”

“His creative pose ideas made for great results and his direction was clear, productive and polite. His talent in both base photography and editing, especially, shows.”

For Chris, an occasional hobby in his adolescence quickly evolved into a passion, and he continues to make it his mission to deliver a standard of excellence through both his personal and professional projects. Chris is the exclusive photographer of All Things Brielle, a division of Bell Creek Publishing and his sister’s (pictured above) current enterprise, and, currently, he is based out of Bethlehem, PA in the United States.

Continuing his pursuits, he wants to sincerely thank his family, friends, and photographer community for their unwavering support as he moves forward, striving to create a better, brighter future.

Professional inquiries can be made to chrisfiegelphoto@gmail.com.